Royalfid SA

A complete solution for the management of your assets

Royalfid SA is a Swiss company offering asset administration, wealth management and investment advisory services.

A “one stop shop” family office, dynamic, flexible, with offices in Savosa and Locarno, where you can meet different locally and internationally recognized professionals.

Royalfid is part of the Filippini Holding AG group, which was founded in 1998 and boasts a solid, well-funded structure with a consolidated experience in different economic sectors.

Already affiliated with the self-regulatory body OSFIN, we have taken steps to register with the Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) in order to obtain authorization as an asset manager under the Financial Institutions Act (FinIA).




  • Silvia Nicolettis
    Silvia Nicolettis DIRECTOR

    She developed her professional skills at BSI Ltd (now EFG Ltd). In more than thirty years of experience at the same Bank, she worked mainly in the Private Banking sector as Client Relationship Manager until 2001 and then as Administrative Manager of the External Asset Managers Team. In 2000, she moved to the Nassau branch, continuing to work as Client Relationship Manager. In 2001, she returned to Switzerland and began a new challenge in the External Asset Managers Team. During these years, she acquired various knowledge of banking services and products, in particular in the area of External Asset Managers, both at the regulatory level and in administrative, reporting and controlling activities.

  • Antonio Bellantoni
    Antonio Bellantoni Portfolio Analyst

    Antonio graduated in Economics and Finance at Bocconi University in Milan, where he was part of the research team “Private Equity and Finance for Growth”, which focused on the M&A sector in Italy. He then specialized at the University of Italian speaking Switzerland and obtained the in Banking & Finance accredited by the Swiss Finance Institute (SFI).

    In recent years, he has worked for a number of companies in the Filippini Holding group, covering all areas of the financial sector.

  • Marco Bianda
    Marco Bianda Customer advisor

    Marco completed his banking education at SBS SA and worked for several years in Zurich before returning to Ticino to gain experience in managing the family business, as well as in the insurance field. In 2005, he returned to the banking sector, gaining a total of twenty years’ experience for a Swiss primary banking institute.

    He has mainly dealt with the management of individual private clients in Switzerland and abroad (Italy & Germany), by always putting them at the center of his attention and adapting each service to their needs.

  • Emilio Cappai

    Graduated in economics from the university of Turin, and federal Azek certificate, in 2011 he founded a sole company whose business purpose was asset management and financial consulting. He developed his own management method based on macroeconomic analysis and geopolitical dynamics. Having obtained Osfin’s approval to operate as an Independent Asset Manager from Finma, he brings his experience with the aim of serving Royalfid clients in the best possible way, developing investment strategies aimed at achieving their objectives in terms of expected returns.

  • Roberto Malnati
    Roberto Malnati FINANCIAL ANALYST

    A pioneer of the web and online trading in Italy, he has been developing quantitative analysis models with the aid of expert systems and neural networks in the industrial and retail sectors for over twenty years. By refining the predictive capacity of these models, he later identified their ideal use in the field of financial analysis. He designed and implemented the Luxor trading system, applied by financial institutions and marketed by Sole24Ore Radiocor. He also founded and managed the website, also developing its quantitative analysis models and automated comments.

    In 2017, he was a speaker at the IFTA (International Federation of Technical Analysts) world conference on the topic of Artificial Intelligence applied to financial markets. He is a Professional Member of SIAT (Italian Technical Analysis Society) and lecturer for the Data Science module of the SIAT-Master. He actively collaborates with Il Sole24Ore.

    For Ten Sigma LLC, he was responsible for the development of quantitative analysis systems based on artificial intelligence models used for institutional advisory services and the production of automated editorial content.


    Continuing education, including earning the title of Swiss Wealth Manager, at the Center for Banking
    Studies, have enabled Mr. Fazio to position himself in the financial hub of Lugano by translating skills
    and relationships acquired over the past 20 years of work.
    Mr. Fazio has long years of experience in the international field, in leading companies in their target
    industry, in management roles.
    Always in his career path has been given ample space to institutional and private relations, cultivated
    with professionalism and confidentiality.

Royalfid SA

The best way to manage your assets? With Royalfid.

Royalfid, through its team, carries out all activities in the best interest of its clients. As a team, we carefully select the strategies and products we consider most suitable with the aim of maximizing returns and containing risk.




Royalfid SA

The values that unite us.

What matters most to us are the needs and goals of our clients. We create, with the utmost care and consideration, an investment plan that respects their earnings expectations and their own risk appetite. We then develop a personalized portfolio model that is perfectly in line with our client’s needs.

Transparency and communication are our strengths that characterize the way we work and approach our clients. In fact, we are committed to providing maximum transparency and to informing constantly about the investment’s performance.


Royalfid SA

Our services


Royalfid offers tailor-made asset management solutions to all private clients and institutional counterparties. The asset management mandates will be customized according to individual requests and needs.


Royalfid is also specialized in financial advice. In this case, the client is responsible for the management of its own assets, while Royalfid periodically delivers detailed portfolio analyses and personalized investment suggestions.


Royalfid offers dedicated asset monitoring services including portfolio monitoring, ongoing risk, performance and fee monitoring.

In addition, it also offers services concerning active supervision of the client’s consolidated statements of financial positions.


With a wide range of services, including asset monitoring, performance and fee control, risk control, and tax reporting, we continually strive to support, in the best way possible, our clients and their families in managing and maintaining their wealth.