About Us

Royalfid SA

Royalfid SA is a complete wealth management solution. We are a Swiss company specialising in wealth management, financial management and investment advisory services.

With offices located in Savosa and Locarno, we offer a dynamic and flexible approach to wealth management, allowing clients to interact with locally and internationally recognised specialists.

Company Philosophy

As an integral part of Filippini Holding AG, Royalfid was established in 2016. The company has a strong and capitalised structure, which is supported by a proven track record in various economic sectors. This solid background offers a distinctive advantage in asset and investment management.


Commitment to Quality and Regulation

Royalfid’s commitment to quality is evident through its affiliation with the self-regulatory body OSFIN, highlighting its dedication to transparency and integrity. In addition, the company has proceeded to announce itself to the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), in order to obtain authorisation as a wealth manager under the Financial Institutions Act (LIsFI).

Corporate Mission

Royalfid aims to provide tailored financial solutions. Our corporate mission is to listen, plan, and achieve. We listen to your needs, plan personalized solutions, and work to realise your financial goals with confidence and success.